We can provide team building opportunities for corporate teams, large groups of friends and families in our woodland. Food for lunch is provided which you can cook yourselves over our fire/in our pizza oven. We also offer a corporate sponsorship programme and woodland volunteering opportunities.

*Book before 30th August for a date before 30th November 2019 and receive a 20% discount*

Woodland Experience Day from £200 per day – Be a lumberjack for the day, fell some trees, take out your corporate stress and split some wood, process the branches ready for charcoal making, help us with our woodland maintenance, jobs involve clearing bracken, processing firewood, helping with our developing kitchen garden, moving logs and helping with whatever development projects we have at the time

Wilderness Living Experience Day from £350 per day – Take our team building challenges to see how you would survive in the woods; make fire, build a shelter, find and filter water, find north without using a map or a compass and learn some basic outdoor first aid.

Details of costs are below. For shorter sessions for families or groups of friends please see our WAM Outdoors Groups Page.

Corporate Day Information