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We believe every child and young person deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential in life

"WAM’s vision is to see a community where all young people are valued for who they are, as they are, where they are supported through positive, trusted relationships to be resilient and authentic to their unique identity and where they are empowered to contribute to the enrichment of our society.

WAM’s mission is to provide young people in and around Winchcombe with accessible, safe spaces to meet and trusted relationships to empower them via a variety of services including community youth groups and drop-ins, mentoring and schools work"

Gemma Madle - Co-founder

Why WAM?

WAM Youth exists because we believe every child and young person deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential in life whatever their circumstances or life experiences.

We believe that positive relationships and experiences are essential for young people but are not always accessible to them. We value children and young people as individuals and place them at the centre of what we do.

We believe there is a positive intention behind all behaviours and that it is our role to try and understand that intention in order to be able to support a young person in the most effective way.


Our objectives are:

  • To help children and young people to build healthy self-esteem and confidence so that in placing value on themselves and on others they are more likely to make behavioural choices that have a positive impact on themselves and those around them.
  • To provide activities and safe spaces for children and young people to develop their social and emotional skills and improve physical health for a positive impact on their wellbeing.
  • To provide outdoor activities which enable children and young people to learn to manage risk wisely.
  • To build sustained positive relationships with children and young people so that they are empowered and motivated to develop positive behaviours.

Our Values are:

  • Compassion – we will seek to understand the circumstances, life experience and concerns of each child and young person we work with, withholding judgement of their behaviour, so that we are best able to help them reach their unique potential
  • Commitment – we will be consistent in our relationships with young people. We will always believe in their value and potential, even when they may push against us.
  • Willingness to learn – we are committed to reflective practice and review and evaluate our work regularly because we believe every young person we work with deserves the best we can offer
  • Worth – we believe we all have an inherent value and worth, diversity is a welcome gift that every person deserves to be treated in a way that reflects this belief and that being treated with value helps us to value ourselves
  • Hope – we maintain a deep sense of hope that transformation is always possible.


Faith Statement

Our values are openly inspired by the Christian faith of our leadership. Our philosophy is to accept everyone unconditionally, without judgement and with no implicit or explicit expectation that they will adopt our beliefs.

We're based in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire so if you're a young person in this area wanting to find out about what we offer, an adult wanting to volunteer on our mentoring programme, or a community group wanting to engage with young people in our area please get in touch at info@wamyouth.org.uk

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