Wild WAM is a FREE TO ATTEND lottery funded project which offers young people the opportunity to explore the questions which really matter to them and the futures they want to see in the world. It seeks to make the voices and hopes of young people louder in Gloucestershire.

It happens in the WAM woods (near Evesham) and is supported by leaders who will design creative and adventurous activities. The project will be co-designed with the young people to shape the project around their needs and interests. 


Young people who get involved will:

  • Have fun in the woods with other young people
  • Get to express what matters to them most especially when it comes to looking after nature and the climate
  • Learn about youth leadership and how they can lead things their way
  • Show their communities how creative and imaginative they are
  • Cooking
  • Creating woodland projects

WAM is working with 2 other organisations, Canopy and Re-embracing Kinship. 

Hannah and Jake from Canopy

Hannah is a storyteller and loves getting creative by making and building stuff. She knows the ancient stories used by young people for thousands of years to show that their ideas are powerful, just like yours. She will help you to think about the stories which mean a lot in your life and show your power. 

Jake is a film maker and music creator and loves to see things through the fresh and creative eyes of people like you! He will come alongside as you imagine futures for yourselves and for where you live and he'll help you make stuff with your hands and your phones which can tell those stories in exciting ways.

Cat from Re-embracing Kinship

Cat loves animals! If you want to learn how to understand and be with animals then Cat will show you how. She has worked with horses, dogs, cats and many wild animals and she will be looking for opportunities for us to work with them as part of this project. She also knows lots of bushcraft and outdoor skills, loves making things in the woods and having fun.

Wild WAM is a lottery funded project and is done FREE OF COST for those attending. There will be food provided on the evening sessions, so please try to stick to the dates you can attend to allow us to buy accordingly. Please contact us if changes need to be made to your booking.

Core group participants will have the option to complete a minimum of 3 AQA courses, which are a recognised qualification. There is a one off £25 sign up fee for this, but can be used for future projects and/or in different settings. Those who sign up for AQA will receive their certificates after the end date. We do ask for those joining the 'Core group' that they attend at least one or two of the sessions per week.

Flexible group participants can choose as many days as they would like, but we do recommend that any young person taking part in this project do 1 day per week so as to get the full experience. We will also create opportunities for young people to be involved in relationship building with local stakeholders.

All young people will receive a 'certificate of attendance' after completing Wild WAM no matter their participation level.

For those joining please fill in the form below.

Dates Wild WAM will run

June: 7th-9th |& 21th - 23th

July: 5th - 7th
Overnight campout TBC.

Any queries please contact Tara or Sophia using or

We look forward to seeing you in the wild woods!

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