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Could your business join WAM Youth’s new Sponsorship Programme?


Sponsoring WAM Youth is an opportunity for local Businesses to make a significant impact on the lives of local young people. Your company can help WAM Youth to provide vital and timely services to support vulnerable and at risk young people.

WAM Youth has been working with young people in the Winchcombe, Bishops Cleeve and Tewkesbury areas for 5 years providing a valuable mentoring service, outdoor education support, youth groups and holiday clubs and relationships and sex education.  We are seeking corporate partners to join our new sponsorship programme to help support our work and to build stronger links within our communities.

We need your help to ensure that young people get the help they need when they need it and for as long as they need.  WAM’s “perseverance is admirable in a world where so often cases are closed due to “lack of engagement” or resources are withdrawn too soon and young people are left without a mentor or an advocate.” (Kym Harrison, Anti Social Behaviour Worker, Tewkesbury Borough Council)

We offer 5 levels of sponsorship:

Corporate Sponsorship Options
Please contact us to find out more or sign up as a WAM Sponsor.
Examples of what your support enables:
£20 provides a mentoring session for a vulnerable or at risk young person
£25 enables a vulnerable child to attend a day of school holiday club activities
£35 provides a space for one child at our youth group for a half term.
£100 would hire a digger for a day to help complete the car park in our woodland
£200 provides a day of 1:1 outdoor learning opportunities in our woodland for two children in need of respite or alternative educational provision
£260 provides mentoring sessions for 3 months for a young person
£400 would provide a day woodland activity session for a school group
£500 will enable us to buy and build the rest of our composting toilet
£1000 enables us to provide a full programme of Relationships & Sex Education, Emotional Literacy and Wellbeing Sessions for a Secondary School

£1000 provides a full programme of mentoring for a young person for 12 months

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