Outdoors Group Sessions

Book a school group session at our woodland, either hire our space to run your own activities or let our staff do all the hard work and you can enjoy taking part with your students!  We also do birthday parties and sessions for youth groups and community groups or hire space to other bushcraft instructors and groups.

For examples of the activities we can run see the table below. Prices start from as low as £50 per session and if you’re really brave your group can wild camp! Fill out our enquiry form for more information or to request a booking.

Activity TitleContentLearning Outcomes
Fire & FoodLearn basic firelighting, have a go with a ferrorod and fire steel, make damper bread dough, use a knife to whittle your own stick and cook your bread over the fireFire triangle; Fire Safety; Basic Outdoor Food Hygiene; Knife Safety & Law
Water: Life or DeathLearn about the importance of clean water, how we can find water in the wild & how we can make it safe to drink. Build your own water filter. There is an option with this unit for your group to run a follow up fundraiser for the charity WaterAidDifference between filtration and purification; methods of purifying water; dangers of drinking contaminated water; water sanitation in the developing world
Natural NavigationThrough games and activities learn the basics behind natural navigation techniques, what signs can we spot in the natural world that help us find our way.What is North; sing the weather to navigate; How the planets move and using constellations to navigate; Using the sun, plants, watercourses and other natural features; The human impact on the natural features
Survival BraceletsUse our brightly coloured paracord to make your own survival bracelets and keyring tags.History of paracord bracelets; create a souvenir to take home
Woodland ArtCreate your own piece of woodland art using only what you can find around you in the woods. See if you can identify the plants and trees around you and which animals live in the woodland from what you find.Tree identification; Identify animal tracks and habitats; Team work skills
Traditional Fire LightingLearn about different traditional methods of fire lighting, have a go with a piece of flint and steel and a bow drillHistory of fire lighting methods; Fire by friction; Types of tinder
Campfire CookingLearn about different ways of cooking in the outdoors, prepare a meal and cook it over an open fire or in our pizza oven in our woodland kitchenOutdoor Food Hygiene; Introduction to different cooking methods; Follow a recipe; Safety in cooking over an open fire
Set Up CampWhere is a good site to set up camp in the woodland? What do we need to look out for? Can you successfully put up a hammock and tarp?Principles of Leave No Trace; Wild Camping Law & Countryside Code; Identifying suitable camping spots; Putting up a tarp and hammock
First AidWhat do you do if someone hurts themselves in the wilderness? How do you get help? Can you perform basic first aid?How to summon help in the wild; How to keep yourself safe when someone else is injured; How to help prevent injuries and accidents; work together to move a casualty; learn basic first aid techniques
OrienteeringFollow our orienteering trail around the woods and see if you can work out the puzzles along the wayMap reading; identify 4 features on a map; use a compass to orientate a map;
Team BuildingUndertake some team building challenges in our woodland including crossing a ravine by tightrope and a blindfold challenge.Team building skills; listening skills; group work; problem solving
Pizza MakingMake your own pizzas and cook them in our woodland kitchenOutdoor Food Hygiene; Follow a recipe; Food preparation and cooking

Schools & Youth Groups (Minimum Group Size of 10 plus 2 staff)

We are able to offer a variety of packages for schools and groups and you can design your own session from our activity options above. Prices start from £4 per head. All prices quoted are for the academic year 2021/22.

From £75 per hour* ( per 15 students)

We can cater for up to 60 students in one session. That's just £4 per student per hour.

You can also hire our space to run your own sessions from £50 per day. Please enquire using the form below.

Overnight camping available at additional cost

(*minimum booking for 2 hours)

WAM Outdoors Group Session Booking Enquiry

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