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“Pupils speak with pride about their involvement in ‘WAM Youth’, a local initiative that mentors young people, challenges discrimination and insists that, ‘We All Matter’.”

Ofsted Report, Winchcombe School – December 2018

Wellbeing Support

In our recent (June 2020) survey of over 160 local young people over 65% said they would like education and support with managing their wellbeing and 62% said they would like someone to talk to occasionally a drop-in.

The benefit of WAM Youth providing a drop-in service alongside general RSE lessons and targeted group sessions is the consistency of the Youth Worker delivering these services, the quality of the relationships they build with students and therefore the impact the service has on students wellbeing.

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We can provide any combination of the following to your students:

WAM Chat Drop-in Service

A confidential lunchtime drop-in service to your students with support provided by WAM’s Youth Workers and trained volunteers.

Wellbeing Groups

We can provide two short courses each offering 1 hour sessions over 6 or 7 weeks:

  • Kintsugi Wellbeing Groups – Focusing on topics such as vulnerability, anxiety, perfectionism, depression, shame and anger the Kintsugi Wellbeing course helps young people to realise “it’s ok not to be ok” and gives them tools and strategies for recognising their emotions and managing their wellbeing
  • Roots – a series of 6 x 1 hour sessions exploring value, worth, relationships and communication helping young people to build their resilience


A series of workshops or one-off sessions.¬†We have a set of standard sessions incorporating these topics or bespoke sessions can be delivered as requested. We can run sessions for small groups, whole tutor groups or as part of Off Curriculum Days.¬†Lesson’s themes have been refreshed to meet the new Statutory Guidance and include content on:

  • Self Esteem
  • Recognising and Managing Emotions
  • Healthy and Unhealthy Behaviours in Relationships
  • Different Types of Relationships and Their Contribution to Our Wellbeing
  • The Place of Sex in a Relationship
  • Safe Sex Practices and STIs
  • Consent and the Law
  • Safe Online Behaviour/Sexting
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